ARTMS – the MODHAUS girl group consisting of HeeJin, HaSeul, Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry of LOONA fame – have delighted OURII’s worldwide with the festive release of “The Carol 3.0” alongside a joyful new video.

Marking the third version of the beloved Christmas classic from LOONA, “The Carol 3.0” is Kim Lip and JinSoul’s first time to grace the track with their presence; HeeJin and HaSeul contributed vocals to the original “The Carol” in 2016, while Choerry joined Yves and Vivi for “The Carol 2.0” back in 2017.

The candid music video sees the five girls in a wholesome Christmas mood, hanging out in a festively decorated environment as they embody the true Christmas spirit through their chic outfits and playful, vibrant energy.

“The Carol 3.0” comes one week after the disastrous English release of the beloved ODD EYE CIRCLE hit “Sweet Crazy Love”, which had fans in a frenzy critiquing the song’s subpar mix and general audio quality. The backlash was so strong that MODHAUS CEO Jaden Jeong took to the internet to issue a formal apology for the new version of “Sweet Crazy Love”: “Regarding the mix of ODD EYE CIRCLE’s
‘Sweet Crazy Love’, I trust the fans’ ears are correct. While music may not have a clear-cut answer, I prioritize and value the fans’ discernment and judgment above all else,”
Jeong said in an official statement.

Fortunately, “The Carol 3.0” does not appear to suffer such a fate and comes together as a delightful offering which also gives us a sneak peek into the dynamics of ARTMS – who will make their official debut early in 2024 with an album tentatively titled <DALL>.

Watch “The Carol 3.0” by ARTMS:

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