As part of their seven-year anniversary celebrations, genre-hopping girl group Dreamcatcher rocked out at London’s Troxy when they stopped off in the British capital as part of their [Luck Inside 7 Doors] European tour.

Returning to Europe for the first time since their 2022 world tour [Apocalypse: Follow us in Europe], Dreamcatcher’s latest international foray came after the band kicked off 2024 with a meaningful performance at home on Jan 13th to officially celebrate their seventh anniversary.

Celebrating a seven-year anniversary may seem peculiar to those unfamiliar with K-Pop, but the number holds substantial significance within the K-Pop machine as seven is the default length that performers will sign contracts for when starting out; it has since become an infamously ‘cursed’ number, due to countless groups either suffering major line-up changes or even calling it quits after the seven year period.

But Dreamcatcher proved with this tour that they are one of the rare few to seemingly beat the dreaded seven-year curse, taking this moment to instead celebrate a milestone and demonstrate their growth as performers for [Luck Inside 7 Doors].

Opening the show with an electrifying performance of the sassy “OOTD,” Dreamcatcher wasted no time satisfying the audience by segueing into “Black or White” via a club-pop interlude elevated by intricate, vogue-esque choreography.

Continuing to keep their screaming fans literally on their toes, a gripping performance of “YOU AND I” utilized sashes as well as a masterfully executed cane reveal from Dami to spice up the choreography – these moments affirmed that Dreamcatcher are undeniably masters of ruling the stage and possess an innate understanding of how to keep their crowds clamouring for more at every moment.

From recent entries to Dreamcatcher’s catalogue, like the slick synth-rock in “DEMIAN,” metal-pop headbanger “Propose” and the acoustic rock ballad “To. You” to early B-sides like “Mayday” and a newly reworked metal version of “The curse of the spider” and rock version of “Lullaby,” [Luck Inside 7 Doors] revelled in unearthing the hidden gems buried within Dreamcatcher’s expansive discography, bringing them out to show off the diversity of their sounds.

Although reflecting on their careers via a setlist conquered by fan-favourites such as the club-pop B-side “Silent Night”, [Luck Inside 7 Doors] could still be enjoyed by more casual Dreamcatcher fans in attendance despite the show omitting several well-known hits like “Piri,” “BEcause,” “MAISON,” “Odd Eye” and “VISION.” Dreamcatcher certainly did justice to the signature songs which were included and the band delivered them with the levels of polished excellence they have become adored for. The chaotic, industrial sounds and vibrant choreography of “Scream” were an expected crowd pleaser, as was a spectacular performance of “Déjà vu,” which caught spectators off guard through its tender acapella opening to spotlight the natural talents of Dreamcatcher’s live vocals.

After a roaring finale of “BOCA” and “BONVOYAGE” – complete with an extended outro – Dreamcatcher graced the stage once more to deliver the Europop number “We Are Young” as well as a fitting, closing performance of “REASON,” the band’s special single dedicated to fans and released in 2023 to mark their sixth anniversary.

With rumours rippling through London’s crowd that some fans had begun to queue from 8PM the previous night, it made sense why the setlist catered to such hardcore Dreamcatcher devotees. Packed with the type of deep cuts only serious Dreamcatcher zealots would appreciate, it was clear that Dreamcatcher have risen to become a unique force with a fanbase as diverse as their own discography.

Marking a triumphant moment for Dreamcatcher, the [Luck Inside 7 Doors] tour will surely hold a special place in the hearts of Dreamcatcher’s members, as well as fans, for years to come.

Photography by Loretta Rodrigues.

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