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SheBOPS is a fresh and vibrant music site dedicated to covering as many of the world’s most brilliant female musicians as humanly possible. It’s the Internet’s premier site for all things girl pop!

SheBOPS was founded in December 2015 to showcase new and old music by fabulous female musicians, as well as interview the ladies behind the bops. From sorrowful Arabic ballads and bustling Caribbean dancehall, to moody electronic British music and the hottest US Top 40 stars, you’ll find it all here. SheBOPS craves music in any genre, language and country; the SheBOPS philosophy is that if it’s great, it should be heard. That’s why music fans will always find “what’s good” here.

The site also explores the wider context of these female musicians in an unapologetic manner, discussing topics ranging from the way their imagery impacts society to their usage of social media. Nothing is off limits on SheBOPS.

If you’re still a bit puzzled, then let this The Simpsons moment help you understand the SheBOPS brand a little clearer:


The name serves as a label for a female artist (“she“) who releases outstanding music (“bop“). It’s also about that physical, ‘bopping’ motion you might make to a great song that captivates your ears (“she bops“). Basically, my ARTPOP could mean anything! 🖌

SheBOPS is the brainchild of Hasan Beyaz.

Harass me: hasan@shebops.net

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