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Founded in December 2015, SheBOPS is a colorful feminist music site, exclusively covering as many of the world’s most brilliant female musicians as humanly possible. SheBOPS craves music in any genre or language; the SheBOPS philosophy is that if it’s great it should be heard, regardless of its location around the world or on the charts. The aim is for SheBOPS to be the home of Girl Power in the music industry!

The ethos of a SheBOPS interview is to counteract the inequalities going on in our entertainment industry today. We provide an unbiased platform and safe space for female musicians to speak freely about their experiences, any observations about representation issues in the music industry, and send positive vibes to their female peers. 

The name SheBOPS serves as a label for a female artist (“she“) who creates super good music (“bop“). It also embodies that physical, ‘bopping’ motion a listener might make to a great, captivating song (“she bops“). Plus, many readers have pointed out that “She Bop” is also the title of a Cyndi Lauper bop – my ARTPOP could mean anything! 🖌

SheBOPS is the brainchild of Hasan Beyaz, a freelance writer based in London who has also created content for Noisey, YouTube, Seoulbeats and others.

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