Although it was their first-ever concert in the UK, top-selling girl group IVE ‘showed what they have’ when they dazzled London with their major star power on June 16th for their debut world tour, SHOW WHAT I HAVE.

Immediately filling The O2 Arena’s vastness with their mega stage presence, the members of IVE – YUJIN, GAEUL, REI, WONYOUNG, LIZ and LEESEO – triumphed with the empowerment of opening number “I AM”. The set swiftly segued into an energetic, rocked-out rework of fan-favorite, 2022 B-side “ROYAL”, as well as the icy synths of “Blue Blood” from their first album, I’ve IVE.

Closing out the first act with “Blue Heart” – a newer addition to the setlist, following the release of IVE SWITCH in April – and the luxurious R&B moment “Cherish”, the act climaxed with a euphoric performance of their expertly crafted, insanely catchy debut hit “ELEVEN”.

Returning to deliver the floral power ballad “Shine with Me”, the second act of SHOW WHAT I HAVE focused on IVE’s mellower numbers like “Lips” and “Mine” from I’ve IVE and the exciting, rhythmic grooves of “Off the Record” from 2023’s mini album I’ve Mine.

A surprising highlight came during one section of covers performed by the members, via “Woman Like Me”, a homecoming cover of the Little Mix hit by Yujin and Leeseo. While K-Pop cover segments can often feel lacklustre, especially with a solid discography to choose from, “Woman Like Me” stood out, showcasing Leeseo’s rich vocal tones and her ability to match the seasoned Yujin, given her prior experience in IZ*ONE.

The fourth act is undeniably where IVE truly shined and displayed the core essence of what has seen them skyrocket to the top of the K-Pop scene. “Hypnosis” transformed IVE into a creepy, light-horror concept marked by inventive choreography utilizing rocking chairs, highlighting their versatility and potential future directions – a stark departure from their beloved ‘princess’ vibes. The drill-dance track “Accendio” was equally well-received and kept the energy levels high.

A barrage of IVE’s hits trailed, from the explosive sweetness of “LOVE DIVE” and the bubbly dark-pop of “Kitsch” to the self-confidence of electro-trap banger “Baddie” and the soaring disco bliss of “After LIKE”. Closing out the main SHOW WHAT I HAVE setlist with their most recent hit “HEYA” left the audience audibly wanting more and felt like a well-structured way to make sure IVE ended on a massive high.

Making a grand return to unleash their true finale, “All Night,” IVE perfectly encapsulated the vibrant, feel-good essence of their music. This track has evolved into a mischievous encore tease, with the “we can do this all night” chorus looping several times—London got treated to four rounds of it. When it was finally over, the realization that the night had truly ended left fans with a sweet yet poignant feeling as the members took their final bow and exited the stage.

With a setlist that expertly showcased IVE’s impressive catalogue, pinpointing standout moments was no easy feat. Even though “Take It,” the B-side from their debut single ELEVEN, was noticeably absent, the SHOW WHAT I HAVE setlist delivered all of IVE’s massive hits alongside a rich selection of deep cuts. The result? A thoroughly well-rounded and satisfying musical journey.

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