Korea’s pioneering R&B force SAAY once again dazzles audiences with her latest release “RollerCoaster.”

With the digital single comprised of two new gems produced and written by the Korean R&B queen with DEEZ and YUNSU, “Ex-TRA” and “RollerCoaster” come together to tell a story of leaving behind a toxic love affair and the reflection of the aftermath.

“Ex-TRA” is a slick ’90s style moment defined by SAAY’s acrobatic vocal performance, where she takes us through epic runs and her signature vocal harmonizing over dark R&B sounds. Meanwhile, the title track “RollerCoaster” concludes the narrative, offering brighter sonics with a production of funk grooves and guitar twangs.

“RollerCoaster” is SAAY’s first official output since her acclaimed 2022 album S:INEMA. “It’s all urs, hope u love them all, enjoyyyyyy” she shared on her X account.

Watch SAAY’s “RollerCoaster” clip:

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