YUKIKA, the beloved queen of modern ‘city pop’, has released her new album Time-Lapse – a bittersweet moment which also marks YUKIKA’s “last album”, according to an Instagram post by the star.

“The album was finally released today. I finished working on this album early this year, and I’ve been waiting for it to be released! I told the fans that I’ve been working on the album since last year because the release date was last year. I’m sorry for making you wait a long time. Thank you for waiting! And actually, after thinking about it for a long time since several years ago, I think this album will be my last album! No one knows what life will be like in the future, but… Lastly, it was an honor to cover all the famous, lovely, and good songs. I’m so glad that I was able to give a gift called music to YUMIZ who always look forward to and support new songs. Music that will last a lifetime. Please love this album a lot too. Thank you.”


The Japanese artist has carved out a unique position for herself in K-pop since striking it big in 2019 with her hit “NEON”, expanding her retro city pop sound in further releases like her 2020 album Soul Lady and the Timeabout, EP in April 2021.

After a lengthy hiatus which YUKIKA apologized about on socials, her comeback album Time-Lapse hears YUKIKA remake popular Korean and Japanese hits of the ’80s and ’90s such as “Remember sunny days” (ANRI) and “Telephone Number” (Junko Ohashi). Updating these classic songs with modern production while still retaining YUKIKA’s own signature stamp of wistful nostalgia, Time-Lapse is a majestic farewell from the cult star.

Alongside the Time-Lapse album, YUKIKA has also dropped romantic visuals for her cover of NAMI’s hit song “I want to be closer to you”, where she plays a charming bakery owner who escapes into a new life when she discovers a mysterious camcorder filled with footage.

Going out with a bang, YUKIKA’s nostalgic sounds on Time-Lapse will surely continue to entice audiences for generations to come.

Watch YUKIKA’s “I want to be closer to you” music video and listen to Time-Lapse:

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