NYC singer-songwriter Yaniza continues her mission to empower women in her new video ‘Fly Away (Free Bird)’.

Alongside crafting encouraging music the artist, who doubles as a teacher during the day, also uses her energy to work closely with organizations that foster empowerment for women. Yaniza has served as the director of an all-girls summer camp called Curious Jane and also performed for The Camaraderie NYC, a group that provides women in the New York area with a safe space and new friends. All of that comes through with the visuals for Yaniza’s single ‘Fly Away (Free Bird)’, available exclusively on SheBOPS today, which consists of several young females beaming away on a sunny day to compliment the cheery melodies of ‘Fly Away’.

Reflecting on the visuals, Yaniza had this to say:

This was a really fun video to create! I’m a teacher by day and it was really cool and interesting to combine both my passions into one for this project. I wrote the song for everyone to feel like they have control of their own lives, but the video ended up promoting girl power specifically. It’s so important to instill confidence at a young age. The song is meant to encourage everyone to feel free to live their lives the way they want to. While the song speaks to everyone, the video specifically shows young girls being happy and free as they should be. I’m super proud of how this came out and I still hope everyone can relate!

Keep up the great work Yaniza sis!

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