It’s been a while, but I finally got back together with LEXXE.

There was once talk of an EP from the Noo Yawker after the premiere of her fabulous 80s flavored first music video ‘Runnin’ Wild’ back in August. Nearly a year later though, there was no EP from LEXXE or even a next single – that is, until today.

‘Love Me Down’ is the singer-songwriter and dancer’s second single and a stark contrast from the glistening, shiny synths of ‘Runnin’ Wild’. Over a brooding mix of grimy bass cuts and a sensual trap beat slightly reminiscent of Selena Gomez‘s ‘Good For You’, LEXXE raunchily coos for her old flame to ‘screw his plans’ and, well… get back to ‘loving her down’ again like they used to – but even better than before now that they’ve worked things out.

The release is a triumphant moment for LEXXE – as the instant earworm very nearly never saw the light of day. Who better to explain why than Miss LEXXE herself?


When I first pitched this to you I was signed to a label.

I no longer am.

Sometimes you get caught in a fire you had no part in starting. I send love and healing to all those affected by the events that led to my departure from Control Records. Especially the little boy who I promised I’d play Minecraft with next time I was at the studio. One day he will grow up and have access to the Internet. Every single word about this is not only a comment, a tweet, a hashtag. It affects a family – REAL people. And for this exact reason I will speak no further into this. Respect my decision to hold my speech – just as I respect your freedom to do the opposite.

The last week I wondered and worried if releasing the work I was so proud of was the wrong decision. It wasn’t until a little light bulb turned on Monday that I was able to think clearly.

I wrote this song. Nobody wrote it for me. I conceived this video, I styled it: every little detail down to my earrings and the dead roses placed on the ledge in the bathroom scene. I stole a LAWN cross off my Mom’s front yard for goodness sake!!! This was all my doing. I am proud of the work and I am proud of my producer and what we made.

My music is now mine and I am officially an independent artist! I’m incredibly grateful for all the support in my decision to go forward with my release. Thank you to everyone who’s answered my frantic, sometimes angry, sometimes depressing novel text messages. Thank you to Axel for helping me with the distribution end, ensuring my release stays on schedule.

And with that… here’s all you need to know about ‘Love Me Down’.

The song’s actually more than just a sexy song to me. I wrote it after a really rough patch in a relationship. We split and I had some time to address some issues with myself and my perception of myself. I realized I was pretty insecure and maybe putting it onto others. I also realized I didn’t need anyone to make me feel sexy.

Eventually when I got back together with this person, we had a whole new respect for each other. And the attraction was so new! He was away on tour and I wrote this song while I was in Seattle. It’s rough when all you have is this machine to communicate through when you just want the real thing. I walked into the studio with Axel my producer; he played this track he made for me and it all spilled out like within an hour. This was the easiest song I’ve ever written because I physically felt it. It’s pretty much me taking ownership of myself and the relationship like “damn we did that. Now come home and love me down”.

Lyrically, I’d been toying with the idea for a while with love and addiction. I know some of us physically feel that way about someone. I’m an extremely passionate person – when I want you, that’s it. I’d also just given up drinking for a bit, and I was like ‘this person is all I need. They’re my drug of choice.’ That’s where those influences come from.

I grew up in a heavy Catholic household. I’ve always had a darker side and I’ve always been in touch with my sensuality. I was always told to cover up or be this or do that, when really I am this open and confidently sensual being. At one point the video blatantly flows from this light angel version of myself to my full blown leather and lace persona. I’m wearing cherries because to me they represent my version of the forbidden fruit. The colors of the video are meant to represent the hallway in the Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe, because I loved the imagery in that story like you knew something was coming – ominous in a way. I was taught sensuality is a sin, like dancing with the devil. So essentially I’m dancing with the devil this entire video, but in the end, is it the devil really or is it the dancer?

Proving that her sexy has a substance, LEXXE prepared a fun fact sheet about everything that went into the visuals for ‘Love Me Down’, including a stolen lawn cross and an Edgar Allen Poe inspired color scheme!

Now that you’ve got all of the tea, it’s time for the main event.


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