Korean powerhouse diva Ailee has made a stunning return to the K-pop scene with RA TA TA, a three-track offering which marks her first major release since last year’s I’M LOVIN AMY album.

A storming dance-pop affair characterized by fast-paced synths and alluring bass rhythms produced by Ailee herself, “RA TA TA” celebrates Ailee’s 11th debut anniversary and features a powerful guest verse from the up-and-coming rapper Lil Cherry. Meanwhile, the glamorous music video sees Ailee swept up in a divine love story in a setting reminiscent of Golden Age Hollywood vibes.

Elsewhere on the release, Ailee proves she is still one of the mightiest vocalists active in the Korean music scene with the epic love ballad “I’ll hold you”, blowing listeners away with her signature grandoise diva belts, soaring runs and utterly divine vocal range. Ailee closes out the RA TA TA single with the sassy, retro vibes of the effervescent pop jam “Big It Up”.

For fans of physical releases, Ailee has a physical CD of RA TA TA in the works and will come with collectable photocards – fans can order copies on Makestar here.

On October 28th and 29th, Ailee will also be taking to the stage for a two-date extravaganza titled I Am: Colorful at Seoul’s Olympic Hall.

Watch the music video for “RA TA TA” below and stream the full RA TA TA single here – welcome back, Ailee!

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