After parting ways with her previous agency, the dynamic Korean performer Chung Ha has officially signed with buzzy Korean label MORE VISION.

The announcements comes with a batch of shiny new photos of the star, as well as a fresh set of social media accounts to mark an exciting new chapter in Chung Ha’s career. Fans can interact with Chung Ha on her new X account here, and on Instagram here.

Fans of Chung Ha were notoriously left in limbo with the cliffhanger release of last year’s Bare&Rare Pt. 1 album, which had been touted as a two-part set with the second half to be released later that year. Unfortunately, it appeared that problems had arisen within her former agency MNH Entertainment and the release of Bare&Rare Pt. 2 was put on indefinite hiatus.

Now, Chung Ha joins the feisty rap star Jessi at MORE VISION, with the latter joining the label earlier this year. With a powerful catalogue of some of the best K-pop hits of recent times, this new era of Chung Ha’s career will be an intriguing one – congratulations to Chung Ha on her fresh start!

Check out Chung Ha’s new shots for MORE VISION below.

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