Remember Severina? Of course you do – she represented her home country Croatia in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. She is also the “only bona fide Croation celebrity” according to Nacional, an authoritative Croatian weekly news magazine. Well now she’s returned, and rihincarnated as Talk That Talk era Rihanna.

“Sekunde” is the European singer’s latest hit, and has already received widespread attention due to some ~similarities~ with Rihanna’s modest 2011 hit “We Found Love”.  Check it out and see if you can hear them:

RiRi ha impact knows no bounds! The literal copy and paste from 0:52-1:04 is shocking. Severina’s producer clearly found a link for those “We Found Love” stems which leaked a while back, and has been dying to use them since. When will your fave?

Despite the tacky plagiarism, “Sekunde” is actually a bop of “BonBon” proportions. The transition to country-EDM towards the end was an unexpected surprise, and testament to Severina’s iconic artistry which has made her Croatia’s number one pop diva.

Has your fave ever copied Rihanna?

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