Good Luck to Your Faves! AOA’s Comeback Snatches


11 months after the slayage of Heart Attack, the South God Queens AOA are finally back with another sexy summer jam.

“Good Luck” is a conceited diva anthem, where the girls explain to guys everywhere that if you want to win them over, you’ll have to ‘start differently’. Sounding a little like a resume, the divas cockily list off their skills, such as receiving attention without make-up and recognizing stupid tricks. There is also a very sassy rap from JiMin, which contains the instantly iconic lines ‘I am the heroine, you are an extra’ and ‘I’m sorry babe I am South God Queen’. The MV backs up these claims, with the girls paying homage to Baywatch on a picturesque beach in Guam. When will your ugly faves? Watch the top top girls frolic on the beach below:

I’m suddenly thirsty. 스프라이트, anyone?


Overall, “Good Luck” is yet another bop from AOA which solidifies them as a front-running girl group who can still deliver insatiably catchy hits.

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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