It only takes one glance at this blog to notice that I stan Dawn Richard to the high heavens. She’s fucking amazing, and her show in London last night only fueled my stanning.

While her dancers got turnt to Blackheart, Dawn made her way to the stage in a dazzling red bra-and-knickers combo for the opening notes of Faith. She then proceeded to turn it out for 40 minutes to pretty much all of her best tracks, including Meteors, James Dean, Dance, and Not Above That. She impeccably nailed the choreo to Titans while belting out all of those massive notes, much to the ravenous delight from the audience who had never gotten their lives like that before.

Dawn also debuted a brand new track, produced by Machinedrum. It was tricky to decipher the intricacies of the track, but it features an explosive drop which the Hearts are going to eat up.

The gig’s highlight for everybody will obviously be the moment when Dawn, much to the dismay of the stage security, decided to “walk through” during Wake Up. This climaxed with Dawn turning my self-proclaimed VIP section into a B stage, where she proceeded to whip her hair back and forth in my face. I know now what a legend smells like that close up – chocolate.

What I think was most exciting about the gig was the way the crowd reacted to Dawn. There was so much energy and life going on. Being an indie artist is scary as fuck, but the crowd’s reaction will surely reassure Dawn with what she is doing. Ultimately, the night showcased Dawn’s pure passion for what she does. She is an artist who stands for creativity and following your dreams.

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