Rebecca & Fiona Blast Back With “Shotgun”


Swedish twosome Rebecca & Fiona have raced back with another incredible new bop!

Shotgun” is their third single of 2016, proving that this year is not all bad. The song, about a destructive, carcrash type of love, features their signature electro sound and raspy vocals. There’s also some vulnerability thrown into the mix, a welcome twist from the usually upbeat duo.

It’s also a lowkey feminist anthem – “Just pretty and silent / But I’m not like that“, the girls bravely state over atmospheric, jagged synths and massive drums with a couple of reggae-style rolls and trap hats.

Give it a spin on Spotify below:

“Shotgun” is taken from their upcoming EP, Party Hard, which will be dropping on November 4th.

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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