Purveyor of brilliant pop music, Nina Nesbitt, is back at it again with her vibrant new EP, Life In Colour.


The five track opus is an adventurous collection from the indie singer, who transformed five fan experiences into delectable pop gems. The Scot reached out to #Nesbians (my self-titled name for her fans) via social media and asked them to slide in the DMs with stories about their lives. Nesbitt then utilized these revelatory tales to craft painfully personal music.


Los Angeles“, an echoey and minimalistic bop, explores the “many complications in [a] new relationship“. “Gotta keep in the moment, I’m in love with you now“, Nesbitt coyly confesses with fluttering vocals over baby-soft rhodes and noisy industrial snares:

Life In Colour‘s most fluorescent highlight is, of course, “Brisbane”. The agonizing acoustic ballad tells the story of one fan’s devastating loss of their father from cancer. “I’m about as helpless as those empty bottles of medication” she delicately states over melancholic guitar plucks:

The EP, and “Brisbane” in particular, are testaments to Nesbitt’s genuine talents as a musician – every Life In Colour lyric is carried with such evocative conviction that it’s nearly impossible to believe that these tracks weren’t inspired by her own personal experiences in some way.

Life In Colour is also a refreshingly original approach to the creation of new music. The fans are the main consumers of the artist’s music, so why not make the music solely about them? This definitely ranks it up there (in terms of uniqueness) with the iconic release of BEYONCÉ. 

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