Brit-pop riser Rachel Chinouriri has returned with the remarkable new offering “The Hills”.

A grungey affair fusing heavy guitars, crashing drums and Rachel’s sweetly toned vocals, “The Hills” hears the British artist vulnerably search for personal truth and longing during harsh moments of feeling out of place in life. Meanwhile, the gritty music video depicts Rachel wondering through chaotic, grey-hued London settings. In a heartfelt statement about “The Hills”, Rachel explained:

I wrote ‘The Hills’ about the feeling of not belonging and being out of place. I was in LA having a pretty terrible time. I didn’t feel like I connected with many people musically or in general, and I was stressed out about lots of things in my personal life. I also love being at home, and felt very out of place.

After a month in LA, I was having my last session and it was going very bad… I was texting Aaron Shadrow in the session… one of the few people I really connected with creatively, we made a plan to leave and he took me to his house and I just told him how I felt. He just started playing the guitar and drums and I started writing about how I felt and in that moment I realized the UK truly is my home.

Despite how alienated I’ve felt at times because of my race, battles and experiences, in that moment I realized where I enjoyed being was around my friends and loved ones in London. I was writing this in the hills and I felt like no matter how beautiful of a home I was in, in the LA hills, I stuck out like a sore thumb and that was the beginning of the end of this album… a project I started with a song about how I wanted to find my home.

Watch the music video for “The Hills” below and stream Rachel’s new single here.

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