MODHAUS marvels tripleS continue to unfold with the release of the ⟡(Mujuk) mini album from the supergroup’s latest sub-unit, EVOLution.

Comprised of members JiWoo, ChaeYeon, YooYeon, SooMin, NaKyoung, Kotone, YeonJi and Mayu – voted by fans into the group on the bespoke portal app Cosmo – EVOLution’s debut was formally announced in August and follows on from the LOVElution unit’s debut with their mini album ↀ(Muhan).

Across eight tracks, ⟡(Mujuk) offers a kaleidoscope of sounds from effervesent dance, grungey metal-pop and Chicago-house flavoured tracks to come together as the most intriguing, richly defined output yet from the tripleS project – a group dubbed by MODHAUS as ‘The Idol of all possibilities’.

⟡(Mujuk) is fronted by the fast-paced futuristic sounds of “Invincible”, brought to life in a highly cinematic and immaculate visual offering where the members hunt for diamonds in grainy scene spliced with shots of the girls nailing the intricate, incredible choreography.

The soaring high notes, crushed snares and rubbery synths in “Heavy Metal Wings” help the track show off the impressive vocal talents of the EVOLution subunit; “Heavy Metal Wings” is easily one of the best K-pop B-sides of recent times. Although laughably similar to the IZ*ONE classic “Fiesta”, the ‘promoted B-side’ “Rhodanthe” is a glistening dance-pop extravaganza. Meanwhile, “Moto Princess” is a slick moment of fierceness in ⟡(Mujuk), offsetting the chirpier retro sounds of “Oui” and “37.5 Celsius”.

Aiming to push the boundaries of what a K-pop group can be, triple S aim to become the billion-dollar industry’s first ‘decentralized idol group’ where the members will rotate between the group, sub-unit, and solo activities – branding themselves with a new type of model labelled ‘participatory idol’, where fan engagement is a fundamental element of triple S’ development, calling the shots via the Cosmo app.

With EVOLution’s ⟡(Mujuk) raising the bar for what tripleS can offer, the fifth sub-unit to emerge from the tripleS universe (so far) is their strongest yet – but with several members and units left to debut, who knows what the future brings?

Stream the tripleS EVOLution album and download the Cosmo app here.

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