ASH is a fledgling US singer-songwriter who aims to inspire with her real and unforgettable expressions of millennial struggle. She uses her music as an avenue to express contemporary concerns, which is replicated in her raw sound and honest lyrics.

This is ASH’s message about “Our Time Is Now,” an acoustic yet theatrical number which challenges teenage despondency and also serves as her very first introduction to the world as an artist:

My debut EP Our Truths features four tracks, each exploring different struggles that teens have navigating today’s cultural and generational environment.  I felt it was important to shed light on the contemporary battles we all face with conflicts between our hearts and our minds, relationships that constantly morph and change, the toxic interactions and situations we have with one another, the increase of mental illness in our generation and the immense pressures we feel to be a more successful than our predecessors.  Other tracks on this EP include “Stay the Same,” “Toxic Reign,” and “Poison Love.”

The song “Our Time Is Now” focuses on the common stereotypes of teenagers;  that we have it better than other generations, have become entitled and are expected and destined to fail. I wanted to highlight that there is this whole other world that teenagers, specifically of the 21st century, are experiencing. This world is riddled with abusive and destructive bullying, increasingly strict and prescriptive ideas of ideal or appropriate body image and harsh stigmas on mental illness, which is on the rise in the teenage population. “Our Time Is Now” challenges the status quo, and is an anthemic and proactive battle cry that we aren’t going to take it anymore. Our time is now to fix things, to live better, to be ourselves and shine.

Everyone has had different experiences throughout their adolescence, but I hope this song can help others to acknowledge and accept themselves and empower them to spread positive change.

Stay tuned for the release of ASH‘s Our Truths EP!

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