That Swedish reign just won’t let up! Gothenburg girls Pale Honey have served us the first slice of their upcoming second LP, and it sure is tasty.

“Real Thing” sees the indie rock duo bring together industrial rock drums, stormy guitars, and Tuva Lodmark‘s alluring vocals for a real grungy and gritty headbanger. The girls commented that “‘Real Thing’ is what happened when we blew our minds”, a motif which definitely seeps through during the bop’s blaring chorus. The single will be officially released on October 14th, but you can stream it now via Bolero Recordings’ SoundCloud:

The juxtaposition of sweet and lovely lyrics about finding true love and intimacy with those glaringly angst-laden guitar melodies is truly sublime, exhibiting Pale Honey’s genuine uniqueness as a band.

Catch the girls live in London on October 27th @ The Lexington.

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