You know what they say about threes, right? Two’s company, three’s a crowd. But also that the best things come in threes. What greater evidence for this theory than these three insanely addictive bops I’m about to expose you to!

Erin Kinsey – “Waiting List”


First on the hit-list is rising country star Erin Kinsey‘s “Waiting List“. Rockin’ country rhythms and Kinsey’s delectably candied vocals make this an unmissable bop, where the talented youngster channels her inner Juliette Barnes without an ounce of the Barnes Sass missing. Honestly, “Waiting List” is worth a spin on Spotify purely to experience the iconic “he’s making my iPhone look like a light show” lyric, amongst other Kinseyian one-liners.

The Wild Things – “Devil’s Witness”


Devil’s Witness” is the latest offering from West London rock band The Wild Things. The group’s angry fusion of thundering, ominous electric guitar melodies and a slow, thrusting beat produces an especially dark sound – perfect for a band who formed in the basement of a castle!

Ainslie Wills – “Drive”

ainslie wills.jpg

Last but certainly not least is this very good bop from Aussie act Ainslie Wills. Seriously, why is this only making its rounds in the UK now? The good sis dropped this gem of a track over a year ago in the land down under! “Drive” is a dreamy road trip of a track, with Wills’ chillingly delicate and compelling vocals taking you through the twists and turns of self-discovery and independence. Will’s simply stunning harmonization truly elevates the revelations and sheer honesty within her words.

Also, those last two minutes. Those last two fucking minutes. Genuinely the sound of ecstasy compounded into a musical format – pure, addictive euphoria traveling through each channel directly to your ears. Don’t miss out on this one.

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