Sofi de la Torre, the self-professed creator of “pop done right”, has issued her second bop of 2016 – and what a bop it is.

“Flex Your Way Out” comes fresh off the heels of Sofi’s sassy empowerment anthem “Sit Down” and the stellar 2015 EP “Mess”. However, “Flex Your Way Out” demonstrates the more vulnerable side of the Spanish beauty; “I’d like to say I’m above it but fuck it, I’m salty / Split seconds don’t mean a thing when the days are this toxic”, she softly reveals over a chilled and vibezy R&B beat. Check it out below:


“Go ahead and play with another, not me – I’m done…”

So far, Miss Sofi is living up to her proclamation of a “pop done right” provider – hopefully, she keeps it up.

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