The epochal diva Narsha has finally blessed us with a new solo song, released thirteen years after her iconic eponymous mini album of 2010.

A slinky R&B number featuring the esteemed hitmaker Babylon, Narsha’s comeback “BLUSH” is a moment for the ladies and captures the excitement of putting on makeup to enhance your beauty for a lover. Meanwhile, the dual usage of ‘blush’ in the lyrics also refers to the physical sensation of blushing from the embrace of love: “You make me blush up, blush up / Hold me smoother” Narsha sings in the chorus.

The chanteuse has not released any solo material outside of her legendary work with Brown Eyed Girls since the impact of her 2010 mini album Narsha and the risqué follow-up bop “Mamma Mia”, where the risk-taking provocateur played the role of a madam in the R-19 music video. “BLUSH” displays a softer side to the star, utilizing her mature charms to deliver a sensual R&B gem which elegantly offsets with the dark and edgy pop of her previous solo work.

Hopefully there will be more solo material from Narsha still to come!

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