K-pop’s best kept secret, queen YOUHA, has finally followed up with new music via her gripping single “FLIGHT”.

Blending subtle citypop influences with funky guitar vibes and electropop sounds, “FLIGHT” is a gorgeous, chill number from the rising star. Produced and written by the talented queen herself, the mellow production is a great choice for letting YOUHA’s bright vocals take centre stage and displaying the range of her vocal capabilities.

“FLIGHT” is the cult favorite’s first proper single since YOUHA’s delightful but underrated 2022 mini album love you more, which showed off the underdog’s sonic versatility across five gems – and proved why she’s been developing a reputation amongst those ‘in the know’ for consistently delivering high-class, slick pop bops.

Elsewhere this year, YOUHA has lent her impeccable musical skills to the likes of TRI.BE and Billlie to compose and write tracks for the rising girl groups, joining her ongoing catalogue of contributions like LOONA’s hits “PTT (Paint The Town)” and “Not Friends”.

Hopefully “FLIGHT” is the sign of a forthcoming new project from YOUHA – we are so perched for more and rooting for you, queen!

Watch the music video for “FLIGHT” and stream the single.

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