Songwriting superstar Julia Michaels has, at long last, unveiled the music video for her solo foray into the music industry.

The video for her debut single “Issues” features radiant shots of the hit-maker basking in glory sun rays, stunting at a party in her tin foil suit whilst draped in fur, plus some elegant, alluring scenes of Julia wrapped up in satin red bed sheets with her dishy love interest.

While “Issues”‘s story line does not entirely correlate to the track’s tale of loving again, despite having ‘issues‘, the scenes do seem to match the instrumental, comprised of soft pizzicato strings, finger snaps and a banging bass. “Issues” still sounds ready-made for the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, which  “Issues” is slowly but surely infiltrating (“Issues” has a current peak of 27 on the chart). Of course, this comes as no surprise, considering Julia Michaels’s credentials.

Watch the exuberant video for “Issues” by Julia Michaels on YouTube:

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