Elle King Gets Tropical on Lead Single “Wild Love”


“Ex’s and Oh’s” chanteuse Elle King is back with a fresh sound for new single “Wild Love”.

“Wild Love” is not as aggressive or as sassy as Elle King’s aforementioned Big Hit, and goes for a more tropical-lite sound; the song trades in rough electric guitar riffs for melancholic piano tunes to match King’s sensitive lyrics. There’s also a synth melody which really sounds like the hook for “Work”. Like, a lot. However, the chorus “la la la”s are a stroke of genius, burrowing themselves deep inside your mind so that you have to keep repeating “Wild Love” over and over.

Despite the more radio friendly sound of “Wild Love”, it still retains the unrestrained brilliance of Elle King’s made-for-country voice.

Have a listen to “Wild Love” on Spotify:


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