British songstress Jorja Smith has unveiled her serious feminist anthem “Beautiful Little Fools” – right in time for International Women’s Day 2017.

“Beautiful Little Fools” was triggered by Jorja Smith’s reading of The Great Gatsby, when the character Daisy profoundly explains that “the best thing a girl can be in this world [is] a beautiful little fool“. The striking female empowerment bop that resulted from that fateful reading hears Jorja call out Hollywood’s beauty standards, and demands for “so-called independent women” to stand up for their beautiful selves. “Beautiful Little Fools”‘s chorus packs a real punch when dragging society’s expectations of women; “Beautiful little fools, that’s what us girls are destined for / Beautiful little fools, born to be adored“, Jorja soulfully declares.

Jorja’s elegant and natural appearance in the glitzy music video for “Beautiful Little Fools” suits the stripped back and soulful chill vibes of the bop, which you can watch below:

“Beautiful Little Fools” declares Jorja Smith as an immensely talented and confrontational artist, who uses her talents for good social causes like gender equality. Expect big things from her, and happy International Women’s Day 2017!

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