Romanian supergroup, G Girls, are back with another phenomenal future smash hit.

“Milk & Honey” is the group’s second effort, following their multi-million streamed 2016 single “Call the Police”. “Milk & Honey” could absolutely follow that success, and its trendy radio sound has the potential to be an international smash for the girls. The G Girls are definitely used to that though, as each member as experienced their own levels of global success – hence the ‘G’, which stands for ‘global’. The most notable of these G Girls is Inna, who is one of the world’s top dance vocalists.

Massive trap brass sounds pave the way to “Milk & Honey”‘s seductive blend of marimbas and a slow four on the floor beat, resulting in some very sexy vibes. The girl’s vocals are all sweet and soothing in their own ways – truly milk and honey for the ears!

Catch “Milk & Honey” by G Girls on Spotify:

Or watch the glamorous video on YouTube:

I already love it three times!

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