Aniya - Press Shot

If you’re not too happy about Lana Del Rey’s newfound lust for life, then there is a solution – behold, new Brit singer Aniya!


The new queen of dark pop recently dropped her debut banger, an eerie electro fused bop titled “Demon”. “Am I the demon?” Aniya emotionally laments over crushed snares, haunting pianos and subtle, twinkling bell synths.

Speaking about “Demon”, which Aniya wrote herself, the singer remarked that it is “your destructive alter-ego which at every turn tries to show its ugly face… It’s a horrible thing, a constant voice in your head that holds you back.”

“Demon” now has some lovely visuals to go with it which, as you’d expect from the track, are slightly weird but super wonderful and ready to grace your eyes below:

Depression never sounded this good before!

Buy or stream “Demon” by Aniya.

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