Basheba – “Platinum & Gold”


When I featured this British songstress’ debut EP Axiom Pt. 1 about a year ago, I made a PSA that Basheba does not play when it comes to her visuals. Her latest, for the bop “Platinum & Gold” from Axiom Pt. 2, is of course no exception.

The visual sees the North Londoner model some stunning metallic looks to visualize the track’s precious metal themed lyrics. Basheba seductively poses in some fabulously ethereal Queen of Sheba/Aaliyah Queen of the Damned looks, majorly complimenting “Platinum & Gold”‘s mellow trap production and fragmented piano sounds.

Marvel the spectacular video for “Platinum & Gold” below:

IMAN – “Wishing”


IMAN is another Brit girl doing big things, securing placement for her penned bops on several platinum and gold selling releases for German, Italian, Australian and UK based artists. Now she’s ready to keep the bops to herself.

“Wishing” is IMAN’s latest single, and is a delicious blend of UK house and Stuart Price Confessions on a Dance Floor-esque synths (the opening of “Wishing” is a dead ringer for “Get Together”). Like the human body needing water and trees producing oxygen, it is common knowledge that Confessions is a pop masterpiece – yet IMAN’s “Wishing” sounds like an updated version of M-Dolla’s opus.

This would definitely go off at any packed gay club in London, at around 12:30AM. Which reminds me to mention, IMAN absolutely has the powerhouse vocals and glitzy synthwork to install her as a gay dancefloor queen.

Spin “Wishing” on Spotify:

Julia Carlucci – “Take Me Down”


“Take Me Down” is the first proper single from the lovely Julia Carlucci. In the words of the Canadian native, the track is all about “falling for someone you know you shouldn’t. It’s when your head knows better but your heart is too curious to walk away.” You know you’re lying if you say you can’t relate to “Take Me Down”‘s message.

“Take Me Down” is a brassy, punchy, showgirl bop, with Julia’s magnificent diva vocals taking center stage on top of Cat Lewis and Andrew Kesler’s glamorous production. Yas!

Catch the visuals below:

Sara Simms – “Heart Shaped Box”


Just in time for Kurt Cobain’s b-day is hotshot Torontonian DJ Sara Simms’s cover of Nirvana’s classic “Heart Shaped Box”.

Retaining much of Nirvana’s original crushing angst, the renowned producer Sara puts her own ‘spin’ (God I love a good pun) on the grunge anthem by injecting a major dose of electronica realness.

Check out the gritty visuals below:

Kristeen Young – “Nice”


Kristeen Young is the quintessential NYC artist – unquestionably quirky, enormously eccentric and, most importantly, bloody brilliant.

She’s extremely chummy with Morrisey, who dedicated a shout out to his good friend Kristeen in his recent autobiography. She also boasts collaborations with Dave Grohl, and secured a little feature from the late, great David Bowie on one of her records. Kristeen is also referred to as ‘Kate Bush on crack‘, so… there’s that, to.

Bowie’s longtime producer, Tony Visconti, is also the producer of Young’s latest offering “Nice”. “I know who you are, I know what you do“, she bellows over eerie piano melodies layered with roaring drums. The glamrock number is essentially a taster of what GaGa might be doing, had she not been molded into a major label puppet.

Experience the sweaty, glamrock video below:

Naomi Pilgrim feat. Sa-Roc and Yugen Blakrok / Frida Sundemo and Linnea Olsson – “Racist Friends”

Naomi Pilgrim - Racist Friends.jpg

Songs like “Racist Friends” epitomize sheBOPS’ entire existence. It is a female-driven political statement with a clear intention – to shame racists.

The track is a cover of The Specials’ 1983 anthem of the same name, and proudly supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement. With her deep, soulful vocals, Pilgrim directly demands for a call to end racism – “if you have a racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end.” Simply cut that racist human out, “be it your sister, be it your brother, be it your cousin or your uncle or your lover“, she unabashedly declares over a hard-hitting concoction of steel drums, wavy synths, and a huge beat.

Pilgrim’s call for the end of racism comes with the assistance of female rappers Sa-Roc and Yugen Blakrok, respectively from the US and South Africa. Naomi’s own Swedish and Barbadian roots prove that this a musical movement of global proportions.

As if that wasn’t good enough, Pilgrim also recorded an alternative strings mix of “Racist Friends”, featuring fellow Swedes, singer Frida Sundemo and cellist Linnea Olsson.

The greatest forms of art are fueled by the apprehensions and anxieties of the society they were birthed in. Following Trump’s horrific election as President, our society needs music like this more than ever.

Support Naomi Pilgrim and co with their quest to end racism on Spotify:

Death Team – “Work”

Death Team - Work.jpg

Swedish duo Death Team are back with another high-key relatable and annoyingly infectious earworm.

Instead of complaining about being heartbroken on the dance floor, this time they’re whining about working over some Lil Jon circa 2005 synths and DJ Mustard style kicks and claps. “I don’t wanna work, but everybody gotta work” vocalist Mayka ear-catchingly wails over Johen’s (who I still really want to make out with btw) tight production.

The duo are rapidly becoming my favorite of Sweden’s recent exports thanks to witty lyrics like “I spend my dollas, keep buying stuff that’s on sale.”

Get to work listening to the twosome’s latest bop on Spotify:

Brooke Candy feat. Sia – “Living Out Loud”


“Living Out Loud” is the lead single from emerging rapper Brooke Candy, who has been trying to infiltrate the mainstream charts since 2012.

It’s a bubbly, synthy collaboration with the one and only Sia. “Living Out Loud” is definitely a lot more accessible and poppier than the confrontational rap style Brooke debuted with.

The track is a very safe, LGBT friendly anthem and not really much else. It’s definitely lacking a hot sixteen from the outlandish rapper, but an interesting indication of what to expect from Daddy Issues, due out later in Spring 2017.

Check it out below:

Get listening ladies!

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