Swedish newbie Matilda doesn’t want you to forget about her and her debut EP – exclusively premiering today on SheBOPS.

The five track spectacle, titled Drifting By, is a wonderful introduction to Matilda‘s unique style.

First single ‘Queen’ is characterized by bellowing, commanding vocals mixed with mellifluous harmonies and typically catchy Swedish melodies. ‘Fall’ brews edgy pop beats and future bass synth drops with roaring vocal demands, whereas title track ‘Drifting By’ depicts an even more sensitive and vulnerable side to the Swede, where she explores the damaging fear of being forgotten in the world over cloudy piano chords. At the heart of Drifting By is Matilda’s beautiful vocals layering in melodic harmonies that draw in the listener immediately.


Of her debut EP, Matilda had this to say about it to SheBOPS:

“I ask myself, am I good enough? Will I ever succeed?” Matilda ponders on the introspective intro to Drifting By. With bops of such a high calibre, it’s hard to say no to this future Swedish sensation.


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