With the release of her latest music video for “Dead”, teen queen Madison Beer cements the notion that she is our next pop princess.

“Dead”, which has garnered over 18 million streams since its May release, is a breezy pop jam which celebrates the empowerment that follows after a dramatic breakup. Through her soulful and melancholic vocals, Madison certainly sounds much older and wiser than her age – Madison is just 18 years old, yet she’s already delivering certified smashes!

The three-minute-thirteen visual for “Dead” oozes allure and beauty, composed of several stunningly glamorous shots of Madison surrounded by luxurious sheets and roses. “Dead”’s visuals have already racked up 300k views on YouTube, a testament to Madison’s status as a rising star.

Speaking about the formation of the “Dead” music video, Madison shared this: “I loved making this video! The song means so much to me and it’s really exciting to get to bring my vision for it to life. Presley [Gerber] is a great friend of mine and it was a blast getting to work together – he was a good sport about that last scene.”

“Dead” is lifted from an as-yet untitled EP, dropping sometime this year.

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