Every now and then, an artist brings out a single which is not just an anthem for the club, but an anthem for the world. One such artist is Liz Loughrey, with her epic new single “Rise Up!”.


“Rise Up!” is an unavoidably catchy, reggae-tinged earworm – perfect for helping to spread Loughrey’s ambitious message that “we can do amazing things when we work together… when we make LOVE our theme, and PEACE our goal”. The track’s powerful, fist pumping beat stunningly resonates with Loughrey’s passionate delivery of her inspirational words. Have a watch of the striking visual for the bop below:

What is especially laudable about “Rise Up!” is the way it harks back to the innovative likes of Michael and Janet Jackson, who used the power of music to inject some positivity into our world and fuel a global movement.

“Rise Up!” is the theme tune for Loughrey’s commendable Rise Up Workshops, where she encourages students to creatively conjure up ways in which they can positively impact their communities. What this shows is that Liz Loughrey is part of that special, new breed of pop star, who use their God given talents to try and make an impact greater than on the Billboard Hot 100. Truly honorable!

Join the #RiseUpMovement today, girls!


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