“We about to get into a fucking classic – you might wanna get your popcorn for this one!”, Chicago rapper CupcakKe warns on the fiery intro to her third album of 2016, Audacious.

Yes, you read that correctly – three albums, one year. CupcakKe’s capability to churn out quality albums at a breakneck speed is just as admirable as the eighty-three dicks she sucked in one hotel:

This is the bluntly lighthearted approach to all things sexual which reeled fans in, but her outrageous and undeniably catchy music is what made the #Slurpers (who she dedicates the funky “Keep Hoes Alive” to) stay. “Marilyn Monhoe“, as she is known to her 49,000 Twitter followers, carries this on with Audacious, a record demonstrating a substantial growth in production, lyricism and flow since her debut earlier this year.


Spider-Man Dick“, an instant fan favorite/hoe anthem, demonstrates the rapper’s ability to ride a beat just as fast as the 402 guys she fucked in one week, whereas the confrontational,  bass-heavy “Mistress” and colorful electro powered “LGBT” showcase CupcakKe’s ability to create legitimate bangers with substance. But it is during the raw and brutally honest moments of the collection where she truly shines.


The socially conscious “Picking Cotton” hears the rapper unapologetically spit harsh facts about racism and corrupt cops, ending the number with the devastatingly bleak proclamation that “I’m dead even if I surrender”. There is also the courageously authentic “Ace Hardware” and “Birth Mark“, where the feisty youngster toughly recounts the harsh realities of her horrifically tragic past over woeful, yet powerful beats. These startling revelations evidence how therapeutic music is to the outlandishly brazen 19 year old, solidifying exactly how she became so profoundly revered by her ever growing fan base.

With Audacious, CupcakKe is here; fiercely, flawlessly – audaciously.

Allow yourself to be slayed by Audacious, CupcakKe’s third album, on Spotify:

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