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London-based chanteuse Chloë Rona shows that she knows all about your cruel intentions in her latest single.

Cruel Cruel, Cruel Intentions…

Characterized by lurching dark synths and hauting piano melodies, Cruel Intentions is the third example of the redhead’s signature gothic-R&B style (which shall hereby be known as R&G – rhythm and gothic) which Chloë showed off in her first two tracks F.I.A. and Muse. The three-minute thirty-eight seconds of Chloë‘s most recent R&G bop hears the tatted beauty lamenting about failed relationships, and the aftereffects that one might suffer as a result. Cruel Intentions has a unique sound and is quite a promising start, which will hopefully lead to bigger and bolder R&G bops in the near future.

Check out Cruel Intentions by Chloë Rona on Spotify

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