Good things come to sistrens who wait! R&B goddess Tweet is making a triumphant return to music after 16 years!

Well, I exaggerate a little. The singer has sporadically dropped singles since her 2005 album, It’s Me Again, and even blessed us with the Simply Tweet EP in 2013. But Charlene is her first proper album since 2005, and is due for release by eOne Music on February 26th. The 15 track collection is fronted by the smooth and soulful guitar-driven single “Won’t Hurt Me”. A second song, “Magic”, has just been released as a pre-order single on iTunes. Check out the Southern Hummingbird debuting the track way back in 2014 below:

Clearly this album is a special project for Tweet and has been in the works for quite some time. Don’t forget to pre-order the Charlene album on iTunes so you can get the studio version of this magical track, as well as “Won’t Hurt Me”. Tweet is coming!

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