Chrissy Chlapecka – “Affection”

Chrissy Chlapecka continues to serve up larger than life pop perfection in her latest bop “Affection”. Following such gems this year like the self-esteem boosting “I’m So Hot” and baddie anthem “Alpha”, Chrissy proves once again to be a pop savior by bottling up classic Y2K motifs and delivering the raunchy lyrics with her breathy yet bold vocals – we can’t get enough of the new pop queen!

HaSeul – “Plastic Candy”

The latest LOONA member to thrive in her post-BlockBerry era, HaSeul’s “Plastic Candy” elegantly dabbles in city pop fueled by sultry ’80s flavors, as HaSeul sensually tells a tale with her airy vocals of attraction on a superficial level – and the consequences of being allured by such sugary fakeness.

Samira – “Toxic”

Rising British pop prospect Samira keeps her foot on the gas with “Toxic”, her fourth offering of the year. A stunning ‘heartbreak on the dancefloor’ pop bop, the sassy and flirtatious production of “Toxic” beautifully offsets with the sensitive nature of Samira’s vulnerably raw lyrics. Affirming her status as a frontrunner in the new wave of UK pop princesses with “Toxic”, Samira is undoubtedly one to watch.


Japanese pop sensation Reol returns to the sphere with BLACK BOX, her first full album since 2020’s Kinjitou. Across thirteen tracks, BLACK BOX serves up an array of polished genre-bending jams and takes us back to Reol’s dance-leaning roots. Boosted by her viral hit singles like the murky “SCORPION” and bouncy funkiness of “DDD”, Reol’s unwavering committment to delivering flawless pop affairs shines throughout BLACK BOX; the house-pop of “Final Call”, electro-drill vibes in “TAKE OFF” and rambunctious “Agitate” are all major highlights, alongside the trippy “goodbye recommendation, today’s continuation” which spotlights Reol’s signature vocal techniques.

bludnymph – DROOL

After taking the internet by storm, viral dark-pop sensation bludnymph has finally dropped her first full-length project via the alluring DROOL EP. A meaty nine-track collection of dance-leaning jams, DROOL is fronted by bludnymph’s breakout track “Lights Out” as well as the entrancing “ORAL HEX (spell on you)”. Describing DROOL as her way of “trying to be the Mariah Carey of Halloween”, the project also entices with new offering “BODY PARTS”, which explores the tug of war between bludnymph’s desire for touch and closeness and her fear of commitment and emotional vulnerability. 

JGrrey – If Not Now?

Critically acclaimed British neo-soul songstress JGreyy strips back her sound in her impeccable new mixtape If Not Now? – a marvelous eight-track offering which certifies why she is one of the most exciting artists on the underground UK scene. Billed as “a story of gratitude, righteous fury and learnt unshakable self confidence,” JGrrey explains of the mixtape in her own words: “If Not Now? feels fitting, after we have lost so many people these past years, as we continue to be failed by our government and the many shite systems they keep in place.” The smokey, ethereal “Superrfly” is a definitive highlight alongside the smooth closing number “Marble Flaws”.

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