SheBOPS Hub is a collection of recently released bops which deserve to get their shine on, no rhinestones. In the third column, Jessie Schoonover takes over to update your playlists with some much needed new SheBOPS!

Mia Koo – Rich Bitch

Anything is within this diamond-dripped diva’s glamorous grasp; even with a zero balance in your bank account, blasting this song is the perfect way to ‘fake it till you make it.’

Mu – Easy

Drums like a heartbeat propel the song forward as a ghostly guitar plays behind the opaque voices of the group’s primary members; forging a bridge between the days of driving around as a teenager with a cigarette, in your first car, jaded by misguided time and fated adulthood.

By The Way Girls – Cover Girl

A sincere, positive message questioning the commercial perception of beauty and how it portends to value. Assertive vocals and harmony build like the girls’ inner-strength throughout the song: “you know perfect’s in the mirror, you won’t find it on a shelf,” the foursome encourage.

Priest – White Wing Dove

An indie-pop song with classic vocals, erotic guitar, and mellifluous bass, “White Wing Dove” is the perfect song to play when you want to feel like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, or if you’re just sitting on the train and need a pick-me-up before a dinner-date.

starRo – Fantasy (feat. Bosco)

Rhythm like rain drops hooks you in before this song explodes like fireworks, transforming into a myriad of techno. A great listen for places like the sauna, where you aren’t running a marathon but need a little adrenaline boost.

Kaija – Pretty Girls

“Pretty girls hurt just like you…” Canada’s KAIJA does an exquisite job expressing her side of the story in this emotive ballad about the unseen vulnerabilities of being a knockout.

Artistic Raw – Blah Blah Blah (feat. Emelie Cyreus)

Broken hearts and business suits intertwine in this chic, high-energy, bass-infused track featuring the evocative vocals of Emelie Cyreus.

Girlhood – Bad Decisions

Soulful, bold vocals with an infectious chorus and seductive lyrics dripping with a desire for redemption hear Girlhood calling to “please save me baby…”

KA-TAY – Pretty Faces

A high-tempo, hip-swinging pop song with impressive similarities to New York City-born singer Ingrid Michaelson.

Nina Nesbitt – The Best You Had

Tender, swelling piano melodies and building vocals of “The Best You Had” encompasses the various stages of breaking up; including the best part, moving on with the satisfaction that you are the best, and therefore deserve better.

Cherryade – Blah Blah

This fast-paced, ultra-modern party song by London duo, Ella and Alex, is the perfect funky anthem for a night of dancing with the girls while repelling any unwanted dance-floor floaters.

Night Mirrors – Feeels

This song’s vibrant melody and spirited tempo feel like immersion in the upside of life, like that moment life begins and you get your long-awaited plane ticket across the world, or your trip to the stars.

Caveboy – Raconteur

A dreamlike, pop track with flawless guitar phrasing, poignant percussion, and commanding vocals: “rip me out of the pages; keep me out of your daydream…” produced by multi-talented band members, Michelle Bensimon, Isabelle Banos, and Lara Conney (formerly Diamond Bones).

What So Not – Better (feat. LPX)

Biting your tongue after a breakup isn’t easy, but this assertive song’s poised vocals and electronic rhythm quell feelings of vengeance, moving from old lows to new highs.

Kat Cunning – Baby

Like a ship rolling into a foggy morning harbor, this song opens with sublime piano chords and smoky vocals, continuing to flow until the sun emerges through the clouds.

French Braids – Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

Like running wild and chasing fireflies with your first love, the innocence of this feel-good song will lift your body and mood higher and higher.

Better Off Barefoot – Only We Can See

Thanks to its eclectic sounds with subtle, progressing percussion, and bluesy guitar grace, “Only We Can See” is a reflective song reminiscent of sitting alone along the ocean’s water-front, wet sand in toes, as the aloof tide rolls in…

Annika Grace – Better You

This song’s potent vocals and pronounced percussion are like star sports players entering a lit-up arena: powerful!

Tori Deal – Lay Low

Haunting beats and honeyed lyrics make this stellar song stand out as a solid alternative success!

LeyeT – wind

Likening losing a lover to waiting out an intrepid storm, this striking third track from LA newcomer LeyeT uses vivid imagery and relevant allegories to create a stunning, poetic masterpiece.

Justina Valentine – Deep End

A hot, sensual song with slow, deep beats that evoke sensations of grinding against a hot-bodied stranger at the club, or in a dream… just please don’t let it end!

Delacey – Nothing Lasts Forever

The soft, rounded dub rhythm and elegant voice of Delacey offer an elusive contrast for this song’s decisive, overriding lyrics: “…nothing lasts forever with me…”

Bellringer – All That I Need (feat. SWEEDish)

An all-consuming love transmitted through music; like a steamy, slow-moving ballet between intimate lovers, moving in synergy beneath the sheets or behind closed-curtains.

Dr. Shiver – Something (feat. Kazi)

An irresistible club track with fast-paced melodies and an intricate mix of 80s, 90s and today’s electronic sounds; like spending a night in the city on speed- time flies when you’re having fun!

Horixon – Hello (feat. Else Born)

This song is like sitting next to a fire on a cool, autumn night; the comfortable descants and fluid percussion draw you in and keep you warm.

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