There’s a new Kylie in town, y’all!

At just sixteen years old, Cali native Kylie Spence already has a streaming hit under her belt (by the name of “Lying Eyes”) and has mastered the art of producing an eye-catching single cover. Kylie is nothing short of a pop prodigy who will hopefully be making waves in the industry within the next few years with her polished, vintage sound and gorgeously angelic harmonies.

Which fellow Kylie do you prefer – Minogue or Jenner?

I would have to go with Minogue. I LOVED listening to her on the way to school when I was a kid. But, both are extremely awesome and I am honored to be yet another Kylie 🙂

How does it feel to be aged only 16 and already have a streaming hit (120K+ streams on Spotify) with “Lying Eyes”?  

It feels extremely unreal and gratifying. I was not expecting my first single “Lying Eyes” to blow up like it did. It makes me so happy that people are enjoying my song, and showing their friends. It also makes me feel proud because all my hard work so far has paid off!

The artwork you created for “Lying Eyes” is very creative! What was your design process?

Well, I think many would be very surprised by the fact that I designed and edited most of the artwork on my iPhone 6. I wanted there to be a similarity between the song lyrics and the cover art. I made the guy in the cover art have a sunrise in his eyes because one of the lyrics in the song is “and baby everytime I look into your eyes, I see a beautiful sunrise.” That is where the inspiration started from. From there, I glued in a drawing I did of an outline of a guy on a black piece of paper, then added the water color eyes and letters. I used apps on my phone to darken the back background, then I added cool light leaks and filters. It was that simple, but I think it is so cool that I did it on my iPhone.

The arrangement of “Lying Eyes” aims to represent the California desert – what does California mean to you?

I lived in California for 14 years. It is pretty much where I grew up, and where most of my memories were made. I have always loved the vibe of the California sun and particularly the desert. When “Lying Eyes” was finished being produced, I immediately pictured the video to be shot in the desert with a mustang which is my dream car. There is something about the vibe of the song that makes me think of the desert.

What is it about vintage recording styles that attracts you?

I have always been an old soul, and I have always loved vintage things in general. There is something so cool to me about using vintage equipment and instruments like I did, and making the instruments sound modern. I think it adds a certain warmth and imperfectness that I personally really love.

Which vintage instrument is your favorite?

I think the pump organ is super amazing. It is extremely versatile. You can run pedals through it to give it a more distorted or unique sound, but on its own, it has a very raw and beautiful sound.

Which themes do you cover on your upcoming EP?

Love. I didn’t realize it at first, but all of the songs on the EP are about love in some way or another. Good love, bad love, confusing love, etc. All of the songs display love.

Which female musicians inspire you? Who are you really into at the moment?

Adele inspires me, just because she’s Adele and she’s awesome. Also, Beyoncé inspires me because you can tell she embraces her body and is comfortable in her own skin. I am pretty curvy and I’ve always been shy with my body, but Beyoncé inspires me to love myself and embrace me for who I am. Not to mention, her music is BOMB. Taylor Swift inspires me because she does whatever the heck she wants, and she’s not going to let certain opinions get in the way. I’ve been super into Billie Eilish lately, along with Of Monsters and Men.

Are there any female musicians you’d love to work with?

I have been loving Billie Eilish so much lately. I discovered her about a year ago and have been in love with her ever since. I would definitely love to work with her one day.

How do you feel about the representation of women within the music industry?

I think women in the music industry are all extremely powerful, smart, badass, and courageous women/role models. I think it takes a lot of guts to put your art out there, and face criticism while also standing up for what you believe in.

What do you stand for, as an artist?

I stand for love, acceptance of others, embracing yourself and your gifts, and using those gifts to glorify others. I want people to not only look up to me for my music, but also for what I stand for and who I am as a person.

Do you have a special message for other girls your age?

Be you, because there is only one and that one you is amazing. Don’t let others steer your path in life for you. Take control, stick to your gut, and do what you love no matter what. Hard work is hard for a reason, but the outcome is so rewarding. So work at something you love, and don’t let anyone tell you to do otherwise.

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