Like Wynter Gordon, Sevyn Streeter and Bonnie McKee, hit song writer Raja Kumari is finally ready to step out from behind the scenes and into her own spotlight.

The Come Up is Kumari’s intricately cohesive debut body of work, where Kumari has commendably carved out a signature sound for herself in just one EP. Many musicians struggle with this seemingly simple concept throughout their entire career, yet Kumari has it down in her debut collection. Iconic, truly.

The vocals on the LA native’s six track EP are as stunning as its clean artwork. But it’s Kumari’s massively hyped fusion of classical Indian sounds, contemporary trap beats and radio-friendly pop melodies which is undoubtedly The Come Up‘s alluring feature. It’s like when Utada was mashing up traditional Japanese instruments with military dance beats – this is an eclectic amalgamation of cultures, genres and sounds for a sound you truly haven’t heard before.

rajakumari_press_shot_1hrMute“, the EP’s lead number, is a polished cohesion of gigantic trap synths, booming 808s and the sassy songwriting which earned Kumari spots on Gwen Stefani‘s comeback album. “They playing my songs on them private jets“, she cockily spits over the feisty beat.

The strongest representations of Kumari’s distinctive sound come through on “Believe In You” and “Meera“. “Believe In You”‘s self-empowerment message shines over the track’s smooth blend of gorgeous guitar strums and Indian drums. “Your frequency is synced with the universe, can you feel the vibration?” Raja passionately inquires over “Meera”‘s sitar melodies, shiny bell synths and resounding trap beat.

Kumari also exudes a more vulnerable sound with “The Come Up“, a grinding anthem about chasing your dreams. Lyrics like “just a dollar and a dream, now we certified” melt over the title track’s breezy, mellow rhythms. Similarly the EP’s closer, “The City“, continues this vibe with its airy pianos and delicate vocal delivery.


 The Come Up is an overwhelming surge of talent, and an insanely promising debut which proves that Raja Kumari really is on the come up.

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