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Pop newbie Taylor Noelle is finally ready to get everything out of her system!

The 20 year old LA native recently dropped her debut EP Out of My System, a four track collection of intimate and personal bops. “My vision is that there are people out there who can hear these songs about my pain and my joy and connect them to their own lives“, Taylor explained.

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Taylor gets the show on the road with the spunky opener “Too Good“, which is unfortunately not a cover of the Drake and RiRi hit but still just as enjoyable. The sassy country-flavored bop, a clear nod to the singer’s newfound Nashville roots, is “a lot of fun to sing” for this diva in the making. There is also the lead single “I Fall“, a stunning Tori Kelly-esque acoustic ballad which effectively showcases Taylor’s powerful pipes. Girl can SANG!

But the EP’s true shining star is the dreamy closing track, “Covers Me“. Glittery, nostalgia inducing synths and bright guitar strokes compliment Taylor’s cashmere vocals, which encapsulate the song’s wistful tale of “a very particular experience walking on a beach with someone very important“.

Out of My System is a solid debut, and is available now on Spotify:

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