Hello to you,” Madison Margot starts off with on her debut single Virgin in a Red Dress.” It’s an ingenious way to open a debut single, really. Direct and intimate, it’s a wondrously apt representation of the LA girl’s style – “autobiographical pop” as she calls it.


Produced by Kyle Shearer and Dibs (the masterminds behind the Melanie Martinez megabop “Soap”), Virgin in a Red Dress” hears Madison reflecting on that euphoric craziness which takes over you during a dangerously thrilling love affair. “You come around whenever you want / You got that bad boy vibe and you talk the talk, and suddenly I’m okay with that / You’re the only guy that can get away with that, huh” Madison confesses on top of funky bass plucks in a sultry, seductive yet sassy sing-talk style.

Virgin in a Red Dress” is the first taste of Madison‘s upcoming EP, which also sees her working with Chris Jones (Carly Rae Jepsen).


To make the release of Virgin in a Red Dress” *extra* special, Madison penned this heartfelt letter regarding its release:

Hello to you!

My name is Madison Margot and I am a 20 year old pop singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Before anything else, I would like to thank you for checking out this premiere of my new song “Virgin in a Red Dress.” I am so grateful that I get to make the songs of my heart; sharing them with you is a dream come true.

Writing music has always been a way for me to make sense of situations. Whenever something happens to me in life, good or bad, I turn to my instruments to gain a deeper understanding. I am mostly inspired by love, and find that you can tell a lot about your muse based on the message of the songs they inspire.

I wrote “Virgin in a Red Dress” about a passionate love that was oh so tempting! There was this fervent chemistry that was dangerous but way too fun to quit. He knew what to say to keep me intrigued and I knew how to keep him coming back. This reckless confidence took over and it was unlike anything I had ever known. I am super proud of this song because of how fun and free it feels. I am grateful that my incredible producers were able to create the coolest sound that so perfectly captures my message. Lyrically and sonically it parallels those real life emotions that inspired the song. I hope you find yourself dancing and relating!

Over the past two years I have been incredibly enlightened. There has been this surge of confidence and I feel so aware of my feminine powers. I am currently finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies and I am more ready than ever to use my voice to help groups that face oppression; I hope to make that a main part of my artistry. I dream of a world with social, political, and economic equality, and I plan to continue contributing as much as I can to make sure the next generation is better off than we are. I also dream of a world where people go after what their hearts desire and become who they want to be. We are all powerful beings and deserve to live up to our fullest potential. We all deserve that happiness. With patience and persistence, I believe all things are possible.

“Virgin in a Red Dress” is chapter one of a story I can’t wait to continue telling you.

See you soon,


Stream Virgin in a Red Dress” by this future pop sensation below:

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