British singer Natalie Gray is ready to dominate the UK Top 40 with her huge 80s bop, “Live in Love”.

The singer has been proving herself to be a bit of a gay icon, after being re-booked for an appearance at London Pride this year after her stellar slot last year, and “Live in Love” is the perfect sonic representation of that. “Live in Love” is the first taster from Natalie‘s upcoming EP, out this summer, and would fit in beautifully with the bops on Carly Rae Jepsen‘s E•MO•TION (aka The Blueprint of Pop Done Right) thanks to “Live in Love”‘s vivid, neon 80s sound. There’s also a much-welcomed Cyndi Lauper reference in the second verse, which really compliments “Live in Love”‘s vibrant 80s vibe.

Unfortunately, there’s not a music video for “Live in Love” available just yet, but here’s hoping Natalie has a quintessentially 80s one in the works, featuring legwarmers, spandex, perms and all that goodness.

Look out for Natalie‘s EP this summer!


Buy or stream “Live in Love” by Natalie Gray.

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