Lisa Mitchell has finally descended from pop music heaven to scatter some more glittery goodness over us!


Warriors is the third offering from the super cute Australian folk singer, featuring a dazzling selection of exquisite, ethereal bops. Kicking things off with the euphoric lead single “The Boys“, Mitchell’s latest opus hears the daintily-voiced diva explore the always relatable themes of love, loss and longing across ten sparkly and dreamy tracks.

Mitchell’s signature style of quirky melodies and lyrics shines on songs like the weirdly wonderful “Warhol” and a bright and beaming ode to love, “Unravelling“. “Just like the moon, we go and lose ourselves / Everything’s changing”, Mitchell murmurs over extremely delicate acoustic guitars. However, the true highlight has to be the nostalgia inducing number “I Remember Love“. Characteristically mellow and upbeat, Mitchell’s throaty vocals soar above a gleaming mix of sunshine guitars and breezy synths for a true Lisa Mitchell experience.

Warriors is a solid effort from the twenty-six year old, exuding bundles of emotion, passion and talent.

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