Oh. My. GOD.

Katy Perry has joined music award show history with her instantly iconic performance on the BRIT Awards!

Performing her politically-charged new single “Chained to the Rhythm”, Perry featured two skeletons who masqueraded around the stage. The gag is, they represented US President Donald Trump and the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May. May openly advocates the country’s withdrawal from the EU, and I don’t even need to get into why Trump was dragged during this performance.

Katy’s portrayal of the two as walking skeletons shows how obviously outraged she is – they are not human. Here’s the screenshot which confirms everything:


I mean… it doesn’t get any more direct than that. This is literally the awards show moment we have been waiting for.

Honestly, some mentally challenged stans have been calling this her ARTPOP era for some reason, when she is clearly setting us up for an American Life experience.

I’m also lowkey shocked Katy Perry was ballsy enough to pull something like this off. Her music has always been fabulously insipid, so it’s great that an artist of her caliber is taking a stand against the injustices these two have been committing. It’s also miraculously refreshing to see her do this on live television too. Hopefully there isn’t too much of a backlash for Katy, because she was not wrong for this.

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