Remy Ma’s new Nicki Minaj diss track is brutal, to say the least. Remy really just went ham and let Nicki have it. She literally tore apart Nicki’s (supposed) fake ass with her drags, and exposed Nicki as the coke sniffing, cheating hoe who fucked her way to the top she allegedly is. You can listen to Remy snap the Black Barbie apart for seven minutes on SoundCloud:

Want to know why Remy Ma did a Nicki Minaj diss track? Here’s why.

The year was 2007. Onika Maraj was just another girl trying to make it as a rapper, going by the stage name Nicki Minaj. She had just put a mixtape out, called Playtime Is Over. Nicki cockily opened one of the songs, “Dirty Money”, with the indirect lyric “Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown. Remy Ma, rap’s “it” girl at the time, heard the line and felt Nicki was taking shots at her. Remy had recently dropped her first studio album, the critically acclaimed chart flop There’s Something About Remy, and appeared in the video for the single “Whuteva” like this:

Note the crown.

So, Remy decided to pay Nicki a visit at her mixtape release party, where Nicki continued acting indirect about “that bitch with the crown“‘s identity. Remy commented that she would get Nicki “back for that one”. Nicki, not knowing when to back down, then made matters worse by flexing her acting skills in a bizarre video pretending to be Remy Ma’s ex-lover:

Remy, incarcerated at this point for attempted murder, couldn’t do much but simply deny the wild claims. And that was that. Nicki went on to become the Nicki Minaj we are familiar with today, while Remy was biding her time and serving her jail sentence.

Fast forward to 2014. Promoting her release from jail, Remy positively remarked to Bossip that it was “unfortunate” a collaboration between the two females never materialized, and that Nicki’s success was “wonderful“: “She’s lit right now and you gotta respect that.Remy even congratulated Nicki on her “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” BET Awards win in 2016, to a seemingly star struck Minaj and a skeptical public.

Now here we are. As part of her comeback, the ever in demand Remy hopped on joints left, right and center. One of those verses, the remix to Phaser’s “Wait a Minute”, caused many to believe that Remy was taking shots at Nicki. The line “Probably fail my piss test/Get rid of those fake breasts” felt like a subliminal dig at Nicki’s man at the time, Meek Mill, failing a drug test. Well, Nicki was not having it, and she popped off on Friday across two verses on Jason Derulo and Gucci Mane singles. The verses did go hard, with Nicki supposedly making fun of Remy’s low sales by explaining that “to be the queen of rap, you gotta sell records”. As if it were 2007 again, Remy heard the lines and was unimpressed. Remy snapped – less than 48 hours later, she dropped the Apple Music endorsed “ShETHER”. Looks like Remy really meant it when she vowed to get Nicki back for that ‘crown‘ lyric, because “ShETHER” is a scathing seven hot minutes of hot tea and lashings regarding Nicki’s behind the scenes antics.

What’s frustrating about the situation at hand is that the Barbs want to try and use Nicki’s accolades as a means of discrediting Remy. We been knew about Nicki’s 70 Hot 100 entries, which is so great. Congrats Nicki, you really did that! While Remy can’t totally relate to that level of chart success, Remy has been dropping 70 x 100 Hot 16s since she entered the rap game. Remy was really that bitch alongside Foxy and Kim before she had to serve some jail time. Despite being imprisoned for six years, rap listeners were still checking for Remy Ma and the people were perched for her comeback to the scene. It shows in the numbers – 2016’s “All the Way Up”, her single with Fat Joe, has almost 93 million streams on Spotify and was even nominated for two Grammy awards. So, do not discredit another woman’s talents and success, just because she scalded your fave with some tea! It’s Blasremy, and I won’t stand for it.

In the meantime Nickihere are some tips you may want to try out for those scalp burns. Try them out while you work on that clap back, because I know that weak ass Instagram post was not it. Like, Remy said she has videos of you doing coke and your only response to that is “well… Beyoncé kind of called me the queen of rap once”? Get it together and defend your legacy. Don’t be too long though – Twitter’s waiting!


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