Pop newcomer Billie Eilish has dropped her first new one of the year.

“Bellyache” is her third single, succeeding the immense popularity of her 2016 bops “Ocean Eyes” and “Six Feet Under”. Don’t let “Bellyache”‘s bright acoustic guitars and Billie’s angelic harmonizing fool you though, because the future pop queen explained that “Bellyache” is flat-out a song about murder”.

My V is for vendetta / Thought that I’d feel better / Now I got a bellyache“, she sings over the chorus’s thumping four on the floor beat and sinister bass. “Bellyache”‘s lyrics are self-penned with her brother, but don’t worry – they don’t come from personal experiences. “That character [in the song] isn’t me“, she confessed to LADYGUNN magazine. So you can stop trying to call 911 now, and stream “Bellyache” on Spotify instead:

At the ripe age of 15, the LA native has impressively managed to rack up well over 38 million streams on Spotify alone, with just two songs and their accompanying remixes. “Bellyache” will surely be able to live up to that.

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