Update, Dec 8 2023: Heidi Montag has officially released her single “Bad Boy” from the Superficial vault! Listen to “Bad Boy” below:

It’s finally happening! Heidi Montag, the cult pop star of our time, has announced that she will once again bless us with a brand new bop.

Taking to Instagram, the release of Heidi’s new song “Bad Boy” has been announced for December 8th. Excitingly, the caption reveals that “Bad Boy” is actually ‘from the Superficial vault’ – Superficial of course being Heidi’s classic debut album, originally released in 2010 and becoming a cult favorite amongst pop fans with taste (and Slayyyter too).

The “Bad Boy” release was announced alongside gorgeous artwork, featuring an outtake from Heidi’s beloved Superficial album photoshoot donning her leatherlook outfit while her platinum blonde hair blows in the wind (machine), as well as the return of her iconic AvantGarde logo – a true homage to the Superficial era!

If that wasn’t enough, Spencer Pratt teased in the post’s comments that a physical release of Superficial is at long last coming, confirming that a vinyl release is finally in the works – and potentially a CD version too.

A demo by Heidi titled “Bad Boy” mysteriously surfaced online several years ago, but it is currently unclear whether this will be the “Bad Boy” that is released. The “Bad Boy” demo certainly fits into the sonic aesthetic of Superficial, fusing slick electropop production with lyrics detailing a sensational love affair.

In recent years, Superficial has experienced long overdue commendations from audiences, with fans slowly discovering the pop gems tucked within Superficial and recognizing Heidi as a pop mastermind – exploding with the viral popularity of the album’s sexy number “I’ll Do It”, which has currently amassed a massive 33M streams on Spotify alone, whereas the newly released ‘sped up’ version in May of this year has already racked up over 9M streams.

We are so ready for more to be brought out from the Superficial archives!

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