I love a feminist-friendly bop which calls out lame ex-boyfriends – and that’s exactly what Emmalyn has delivered with her sassy new jam, “Bigger Than You”.

“He does it better than you, you, you, you, and I didn’t have to teach him to please me too / He gives me what I need, and not just on the weekends,” Emmalyn shadily brags over the sexy and low-key R&B production of “Bigger Than You”. The best thing about her new man though? “He’s bigger than you,” a blunt confession showing that ya girl has moved on to somebody bigger and better – in every essence of the phrase.


Speaking to Galore and BreatheHeavy on the context of “Bigger Than You”, Emmalyn had this to say: “Boys are competitive, especially when it comes to their size… Women are objectified all the time, maybe men would learn a little something if it happened to them too.” Preach sis!

“Bigger Than You” is the singer’s fourth solo single since breaking free from G.R.L., the Robin Antin-produced group, famed for their ukulele-utilizing hit “Ugly Heart”. Emmalyn’s first solo single was the charmingly confrontational viral hit “#FreeTitties”, another feminist-themed anthem from the singer about pretty much what it sounds like – freeing the titties! Emmalyn is shaping herself up to be quite the feminist queen, and I am here for it.

Emmalyn you better get it girl – and not just on the weekends!

Buy or stream “Bigger Than You” by Emmalyn.

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