This just in – D∆WN (Richard) is yet again about to do something groundbreaking.


With the help of YouTube and The Verge, the musical visionary is all set to make history by being the world’s first artist to have a 360-degree performance streamed live. The experimental chanteuse has been pushing creative boundaries for quite some time now, which makes D∆WN the perfect candidate to debut the capabilities of 360-degree cameras to the public. When will your one-dimensional fave? Hopefully the performance will be a new track from her upcoming album RED*emp*tion. You can catch the performance by tuning in to The Verge’s YouTube channel tomorrow at 8PM ET/5PM PT. Check out her recent set with The VFiles for an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself in to:

Slay! This 360-degree technology is exactly what D∆WN needs to elevate her creativity to the next level.

Cardboard headsets at the ready, Hearts!

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