Nicki Minaj who? CupcakKe WHO? Lady is the real queen of rap sistrens. Her biggest hit, “Twerk”, is acclaimed for revolutionizing society as we know it by bringing twerking to the spotlight.

She is also known for her unique vocals, delivery and for giving K. Michelle her first big comeup. From inspirational sisterhood anthems to confessional love stories and poetic xplorations of intimacy (as well as an occasional ratchet bop or two), Lady is the rapper we need but don’t deserve. Here, in no particular order, are some of her most iconic lines from her 5 mixtapes:

  1. Do I work at Magic City? No, I should though! (from “Twerk”)
  2. So fresh n so clean I got that STD free pussy (from “Pussy”)
  3. Didn’t have no teacher, but this pussy been trained (from “Yankin”)
  4. Ain’t drunk, ain’t tipsy – I’m smashed! (from “Smashed”)
  5. Bad bitch in the club yeah they with me, already know we team pretty bitches deep (from “HD”)
  6. You gotta grind like you rhyme, if you ever wanna shine
    You rappin’ for the industry, why can’t you speak your own mind
    That shit ain’t real, and I don’t know what the fuck you been told
    You selling your soul, shit, I hope you see some platinum and gold (from “In Da Streets”)
  7. Constantly bragging bout your wrist game on chill, but you can’t afford to buy yo kids a Happy Meal! (from “Ain’t Shit”)
  8. He said ‘let’s get it on’, he poppin’ on a flick, I’m like ‘hell no Lady make her own flicks’ (from “Workin’ That Click”)
  9. Garbage ass bitches guess that’s why you talkin’ trash, I got something for this problem, get a Hefty bag! (from “Garbage Ass”)
  10. My ratings through the roof cos my haters always watching (from “Lady Show”)
  11. I like it in the hood, them folks know how to party (from “Wil’in”)
  12. Ain’t promised tomorrow so I’m tryna get buckwild tonight (from “Wil’in”)
  13. Right at this moment I’m busy and I’m like ‘fuck a Cupid’ (from “Money Can’t Buy”)
  14. You don’t need that many friends keep ya two or three, if ya circle small then it’s easier to keep that peace (from “Sista”)
  15. You know my pussy was in his mouth riiiight? So think about that when you kiss him at night (from “Leftovers”)
  16. Stack yo money just in case you have to leave his ass, you know that rainy day money, that up & leaving pad (from “Teach Y’all”)
  17. I know yo mama told ya mouth can get you in a lot of trouble, and when she told you ‘trouble’, she meant me motherfucker! (from “Garbage Ass”)

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